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Performance: From Student Shows to Professional Event Entertainment

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Looking for entertainment for your Event? Team building activities for your training days?
Want to book a Comedian, MC, Stage Show, Roaming Characters, Tap Dance Act, Singers, Dancers and just about any other variety act ? Need private coaching? We got you covered!
Contact us at LOL@vivadubai.com or call Ali on 050 44 00 99 4


Dubomedy Arts School: Fall Course Calendar

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We offer professional training in Comedy, Improvisation, Stand-Up, Writing & Performance, NYC Tap Dance and Body Beat all year round for kids, teens and adults. From just to fun to professional coaching! Classes are lead by Stomp and Cirque veteran, MTV Alumni, Award-winning American …physical comedienne and choreographer; Mina Liccione. Our new “From the Page to the Stage”: WRITING & PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP will be co-lead by a group of professional writers, directors and performance based artists including Jamil Abu Warda, Nick Karavatos,  Sol Abiad along with Mina Liccione..

WHAT: We are kicking off our third school year with a brand new session classes. Each session runs 9 weeks and commences with a final performance in the Kilachund Theater at DUCTAC. Please reserve your place now!

WHEN: We hold classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, between September 18- November 11, 2010. We will be holding a winter inensive then the next full batch of classes will start in January, 2011.
*Final performances on November 10-11, 2010 at 7:00pm in the Kilachund Theater at DUCTAC as part of Dubomedy’s First International Performing Arts Festival!!!


~SATURDAYS CLASSES: Comedy and Tap & Body Beats- All Levels
September 18- November 11 at Dubai Community Theater in Mall of Emirates. Final performances November 10-11, 2010 at 7:00pm.

11:30-12:30pm- NYC Tap & Body Beats: Level I for Teens and Adults. This class is perfect for beginners or those who haven’t tapped in a long time and need a refresher.

12:30-1:30pm- NYC Tap & Body Beats: Level II for Adults and Teens. This class will focus on more intermediate level technique and choreography. This class is open to those who have completed Level I or by permission of instructor.

1:30-2:55pm- Comedy 101: Saturday Morning Funnies!
Our signature open level Comedy Class for Adults! This course will teach you the basics of Improvisation, Stand Up Comedy writing, delivery and performance. Each student will also get a private coaching session as well as a chance to perform in a energy packed end of session festival at Dubai Community Theater.

4:00-5:00pm- NYC Tap & Body Beats: Level III. This is an advanced level training course as well as Performance Troupe a.k.a. Dubomedy Sole Steppers.The troupe’s latest tap & body percussion piece won an award at this year’s Dubai Dance Festival!
*Please note: This class is by audition only

September 20- November 11. Final performance and readings on November 10-11, 2010 at 7:00pm.

7:15-9:15pm-“From the Page to the Stage”: Writing & Performance Workshop
This new course will focus on diverse genres of writing geared towards performance. The workshop will emphasize on the balance between text and performance- how they build upon and interact with eachother. A team of professional writers, directors, poets and performance based artists including: Jamil Abu Warda, Nicholas Karavatos, Sol Abiad as well as Mina Liccione will co-lead this course. There will be a series of unique writing sessions along with assignments that allow the students to explore a variety of “individual writing voices”. Writing genres and seminars will include: Script writing for Theater, Poetry and Spoken Word, Storytelling- from fiction to non-fiction, Creating text, scripts and dialogue from Improvisational Exercises, Character development tools, How to transform personal stories into TV Scripts taught by a longstanding TV Producer. The final few classes will focus on ways to take your words from the page to the stage- hence PERFORMANCE skills including Acting Technique, How to direct actors, Physicalization of stories and Rhythmic Training. This workshop will commence will a final showing and/or reading of the works created during this creative process. The “best” works of the bunch will be chosen to develop into full length performance pieces as well as considered for a new series of short film projects set for 2011.

September 22- November 10 at KADOMZ STUDIOS IN MARINA MALL. Final performances November 10-11, 2010 at DUCTAC.

7:15-9:00pm- WEDNESDAY NIGHT IMPROV! – Intermediate- Advanced level improv training with Basic Circus Skills as warm up!
All improvisation, all the time! As per popular demnad, we will warm up with a Circus Skill each week then focus on improvising in character, competitive theater games and improvisational structures for team performance “matches”. The goal of this class is to create a performance based Improv Troupe that will perform around the UAE at different events and venues including volunteer work with Clowns Who Care Project. Each session includes a Public Improv Performance as well as a final match performed in the end of session show. This is the perfect class for those who wish to perform improv as well as want to join Clowns Who Care as excellent improv skills are required.

MORE INFO/REG: LOL@vivadubai.com

REGISTRATION: All Classes are posted on www.Timeouttickets.com for online registration. We will also hold open registrations on Sat, Sept 4 from 2-3pm and Wed, Sept 8 from 8-9pm in the DUCTAC Lobby. To secure your place please send an e-mail to LOL@vivadubai.com with your name, contact info and which class/es you will be attending.

Clowns Who Care Project

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“Clowns Who Care” by Sabina Giado
ILLUME Magazine
August 8, 2010

The Clowns Who Care, Mina Liccione and Ali Al Sayed, recently brought their unique brand of humor to the Special Families Support, a support group in Dubai for children with special needs and their family, and Senses, a residential care facility for children with special needs.

Italian American Mina Liccione is the director of Dubomedy Arts, a collective of performance artists based in Dubai. Her business partner in Dubomedy Arts is Ali Al Sayed, an Emirati and the chief executive officer of parent events company Viva Arts.

The two dress up as clowns Charlene Chaplin and Rusty Keaton and perform a comedy and tap dance routine to get their audience laughing and comfortable with their presence. Then comes the fun part – there is music, singing and/or dancing to get the juices flowing and keep the laughter ringing. Their act ends with a group circle where each member of the audience places themselves in the spotlight for a moment and shares something personal.

The experience proves moving for both the performers and the spectators. “We are moved to tears every time by the amount of love and appreciation the families, staff and children always have towards us,” say Liccione and Al Sayed.

Liccione, a native of Rochester in New York, comes from a professional and educational background in dance, clowning and theater arts. She came to Dubai as part of the Arts Festival during the Dubai Summer Surprises. Noticing that her Solo Comedy, Song & Tap Dance Show was not working as well as she’d hoped, she decided to rework the routine, localizing jokes, changing songs and adding more interaction. The performance hit the bulls-eye with her audience, and Liccione was now loath to leave. She decided to extend her stay and taught a series of comedy workshops for children and adults.

Liccione and her business partner Al Sayed met through a mutual friend and soon found that they shared the same passion for creating a sustainable community of performance artists in the United Arab Emirates. The two founded Dubomedy Arts on April 1, 2008.

Liccione’s parents were at first filled with trepidation at her decision to stay in the Middle East.
“My parents are a product of American media… Many of our neighbors have sons in Iraq and here I was moving to the Middle East armed with clown noses and tap shoes.”

But Liccione soon convinced her parents that being in Dubai gave her work a meaning she had not found elsewhere. “Sometimes artists need to go where the art isn’t and use their talents and passions to help build a community rather than simply taking from it”.

Liccione and Al Sayed’s plans for expanding the Clowns Who Care project extend within the city and beyond. They aim to train more clowns, build a database of committed volunteers and organizations, and ultimately, become regulars at care facilities and hospitals. The benefits of regular visits will be exponential, say the pair, “Visiting once will bring joy to them but becoming a regular part of their lives will benefit them much, much more.”

Their dream of bringing their show to Palestine is about to become a reality in September with the help of on-the-ground relief organizations. “We have connected with the Ziara Group, The Palestinian Circus School, Maysoon’s Kids as well as other relief organizations to see how we could best help.” Their work in Palestine is due to include special training for teachers as well, i.e. “a specifically designed training program for teachers and educators to further develop their own skills.”